Sunday, October 19, 2003

The Seven Radical Rules For Business Success

I got these 7 rules from the book, "The Corporate Mystic" by Hendricks and Ludeman. It's an excellent book that was suggested to me through my friend, Steve Wessels. It's a quick and easy read that will enlighten you. It really hit home a lot of the things that I have been valuing at the present. But, it also made think a lot about my shortcomings. I have vowed to overcome them and become a "mystic". Just go read the book! Here's the 7 radical rules for business success (I think they are rules for success period. End of story!) along with my comments:
  1. Tell the truth and be truthful.This means not only to other people, but to yourself as well. I have been striving to do this in my last job and sometimes it does get hard. The reason why is because at the core of my being, I am a people pleaser. I don't like to hurt people's feelings and it's something that I am constantly wrangling with. I'm working to overcome this shortcoming of myself.

  2. Take 100% responsibility. Nothing more, nothing less. I've never had a problem taking 100% responsibility. But, I'm guilty of taking more of my share. Again, I am guilty because of my people pleaser personality and I let people walk over me and not take their share of responsibility. I will take my share and let everyone do the same.

  3. Honor all agreements you make. I have never had a problem with this one at all. I am big on being on time and honoring what you say you will do. Do what you say! It's one of the things I tell people about myself. It's one of things that was pounded into my head by my father, his mother, my mother, and everyone in my family.

  4. Never gossip. This is a hard one. I keep telling myself not to get caught in this web and this is one of my biggest faults. It's just so damn easy to fall into it. It's especially easy to fall into when you are in a death march. I will strive, no I will never gossip again.

  5. Set aside creative time everyday. I never do this consistently. At my last job, I tried to walk everyday around the complex to clear my mind. I always came up with the best ideas on these sessions. Sadly, I never demanded them, but took them when I could. They were intoxicating and fun. I now know that I should demand them and expect nothing less.

  6. Make a to-do list and do the least desirable items first. I like to procrastinate and push off the stuff I hate doing. But, in my last job, I did make a to-do list, but it was the stuff that I hated doing (like time sheets, status updates, and documentation). And I would not leave that day until everything on that list was finished. It kept me on track. But, it's something that I have to work on.

  7. Go to your source. Listen to your inner voice. Basically, if something feels wrong, find out why. I silence this voice a lot and I know I should let them speak up now. There's a lot of situations that I have run into where I tried to squelch this voice and things turned out wrongly. I should listen to it and take its advice.

I think all 7 of these rules are great ones to not only be successful with, but to live by. Expect nothing less of yourself or others. I know I no longer will!

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