Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Love on the Seaside

I'm feeling a little gushy today. I've been using Seaside for every bit of 2 days now and I added major functionality to the SBlog challenge today. To say that I am amazed is putting it mildly. What I did today would have taken me hundereds of lines of Java/Struts code (not to mention all of the damn config files I would have had to change) instead it only took a few lines of Smalltalk. Now, most of this power was from the Seaside framework and how it operates. But, still it coupled with Smalltalk is unstoppable!!!! I'm completely sold on continuation web frameworks now (not that I wasn't before). The code is more concise and makes more sense. It's been an absolute pleasure to work with web services again. I'm also amazed at what I have been able to do in just a few days of knowing the framework. It's butt simple! Oh well, I just wanted to write about how blown away I have been. As a side note, I've only had to stop the web server once since I started it (and it was because of a mistake I made)! Of course, to restart the web server takes 1 second (I kid you not...try that with tomcat or apache). I've been changing the code while the server is running with no special cases or what have you (try that in Java...Yeah, I know about hot swap--it only works for simple method changes). AWESOME! GO SMALLTALK!

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