Monday, October 06, 2003

Cool Take On Cincom Doing Java

I love Vlastimil Adamovsky's post on Cincom doing Java in comp.lang.smalltalk. I hope he is correct that "common sense" will take over. And I hope it takes over soon! Actually, I'm not worried anymore about the future of Smalltalk. I think companies will continue to use it and be successful. Will it ever be the most popular language? Problably not. But, why would you want this? There's a lot of baggage to carry around being the most popular. I think Smalltalk is for folks who love to be productive and solving complex business problems. I would like to see Smalltalk become more popular than it is now, but not as much as Java. I have no worries about my future with it anymore. People are still using Lisp as well. I think the perfect market for Smalltalk is not big corporations, but medium sized companies that need a competitve aadvantage. And I can tell you that Java is not a competitive advantage if all of your competition is doing it as well. Companies who need and hunger for that edge will find it. We need to make sure they find us...=)

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