Sunday, September 14, 2003

Wish Item For Nebreska

I was thinking it sure would be fun to be find someone who wouldn't mind a keyboardist in their thrash metal band. I love metal, but I must be the only keyboardist who doesn't worship at the altar of the Orbital. I mean, I think they are very cool, but what happened to the cool synth music from the early 60's (Perrey and Kingsley...the best), early 70's (Jarre, Synergy, and Wendy Carlos rule), and hell even some of the 80's were alright. But, what do we have today? I mean I can only think of a handleful of synth bands I like like Eat Static, Amon Tobin, Hallucingen, Celldweller, and Assemblege 23. I want to do thrash metal with dancy synth blurps all in it. I don't want it to be industrial. I'm thinking funky music with real musicians with heavy as hell guitars and spacey keyboards. Think Ozric Tentacles meets Bay Area Thrash (think old Metallica Cliff Burton era, Slayer (pre-Divine Intervention), Heathen, etc) mixed with a little good ole funk (think Parliament and Bernie Worrell)...

I know it's a long shot...But, damn it sure would be fun to be in a band again....On second thought, maybe I'll create it myself....=)


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