Monday, September 15, 2003

Smalltalk to Java

Someone else on the same wavelength except for where I'm trying to mimic Java without the VM. He puts Smalltalk on top of the VM. I'm thinking there might be sinergy here and I can't want to play with it! Anyway, it's written for Dolphin Smalltalk, check it out here. Add this to the list of things to play with on my "in-between jobs" vacation. I'm thinking we're going about the same problem in two different ways. I'm trying to fool a Java VM into thinking it's talking to another. But, his approach is to connect to Java like you would a COM model. I think they are complimentary methods! In fact, it might be nice to use this when I'm debugging the Java test harness code in my stuff. Man, I need time for Java Serialization so I can take the next logical step: FULL RMI SUPPORT!

Also, I loved his comment "Continue to use your legacy Java code as you migrate to a more grown-up language… ". Preach on brother! Preach on!

And yes, I'm still at W-O-R-K!

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