Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Seaside and Javascript

Another future project thought, these guys are starting to pile up! But, I thought I'd write down what I'm thinking so if I EVER have a lack of projects, I can simply look through my blog history, right? Anyway, I'm currently working on a Java project and one of the biggest issues is validation. And I've been thinking, wouldn't it be cool to be your business rules in one location where both Java and Javascript could understand them? I'm thinking something like Jess, but have it also run in Javascript. Now, you might ask, "Why have it run in Javascript?" Well, you could send your validation rules for that page down and have your Javascript interpret them. This way you could do client side validation without duplicating code on the server because they would be looking at the same code base! I would love to try this out as an addition to Seaside. I'm thinking if I get my prolog implementation (or shall I say prolog-based) or even a CLIPS engine working in Squeak, then have Javascript generated for the web pages, I would be golden! Is this another BIG project? YOU BET! I've been accussed of thinking "TOO BIG" before, but man, I think this would be so cool....I'm thinking it might possibly be the "killer" developer app for SMALLTALK! We're the best...LET'S PROVE IT! (well, we've already done that, but we can always use more feathers in our caps...right?)

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