Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Jean Michel Jarre

If you have never heard this great artist, then what's wrong with you? Hehehehe, just kidding. My wife turned me on to this guy when she rented one of his live DVDs....It was incredible. I've been in love with the music ever since. So, I've been trying to buy anything I can get my hands on. All of his early material simply flat out rules. No one touches him. His later stuff is a little hit and miss, but still much better than a lot that is out there. So, who is Jarre? He's a french musician that writes electronic music. Now, by electronic, I don't mean techno or some lame new age crap (even though that's where you find his material). He writes music from the heart with a lot of cool sounds. I can say enough good things about this man. So, go buy "Oxygene" or "Equinoxe" and feel the love!
Jarre's Website

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