Wednesday, September 03, 2003

JavaSer interest grows

I got an email this morning inquiring why this wasn't up on SqueakMap. Good question! I have added the ability to read in Java classes and I'm about 95% writing out Java serialized streams. Now, you might ask why load in Java class files? Well, to serialize a Java file in 100%, you must account for custom serialization read/write methods. Fun, eh? So, my serialization works until you get to a Java object with custom serialization methods. So, I was going to write a Java byte code interpreter in Squeak and then later to Java-to-Squeak byte code translator. I think the later will be most difficult. But, the former will be easier to implement, but dog slow. I've learned a lot about Java from the process. The eventual goal is to have a JavaRMI server run inside of Squeak. This would lead to an eventual EJB container in Squeak as well. Now, you might ask why would I want such a thing? Well, it sure would be nice to have Smalltalk be able to plug nicely into the java world. That way, we could possibly sneak Smalltalk into a few shops without the java guys knowing because we would look like and smell like they do, but we would get our work done a lot quicker. So, what's my goal now? This morning's email has given me a kick in the booty to finish write portion and put it up on SqueakMap. Now, I need to find the time....Maybe this weekend would be perfect...=)

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