Saturday, September 06, 2003

"It takes an army of mother fuckers to stop my rock. Straight out of the boogie down. My eyes on the prize"

Ah, Mr. Jimi Hazel, we are on the same wavelength. Of course, he's talking about playing rock music and I'm talking about programming Smalltalk. His message is simply about doing what you love no matter how unpopular it might be. I find his music refreshingly positive and is always a good listen to make me feel better. I finally realize that this is what I need to do. Do what I truly love! I'll let everyone guess what that is....

"I hope this bullshit stop in this century...Now, I'm not trying to knock any one's hussle, you better lift some bricks before you flex that muscle"

Amen...=) I sure do hope it does....=) Oh, go to Jimi's place on the web or better yet head over to and buy "Heavy Metal Soul ByThe Pound" by 24-7 spyz or and buy his solo album.

While you're a cd baby and buying good INDIE music, pick up Celldweller as well...=) Heavy music with passion!

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