Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Went to Ozzfest this Saturday. I missed two of my fave bands, Shadow's Fall and Killswitch Engage, but oh well...Cradle of Filth made up for it! They totally slayed. Voivod left a lot to be desired, but I did get to meet them and thank them for two great albums (Nothingface and Dimension Hatross). Finally, I was impressed with Marilyn Manson (I was expecting it to suck), but he put on a very good show. I was most disappointed with Disturbed (very average music and nothing to write home about...and what's the deal with beating up your mother?) and Korn (pure noise, hell, I wanted to beat up the singer after hearing his tripe and his really bad band). Finally, there was Ozzy and Zakk came out as a pimp. I could not stop laughing! Zakk and crew put on one hell of a show, but unfortuantely, try as he might, I think Ozzy is way over the hill. It was painful watching him, but the excellent backing band more than made up for it. Rusty, my bud that went with me, commented that Ozzy should only 2 songs per Ozzfest and then, I backed that up with Black Label Society being the headliners...Zakk is quite the showman and it would be great to see a full set of BLS...And hey, he can even throw in some Pride and Glory (which by the way, we stood in line to meet him, but he never showed! I wanted to beg for another P&G album!!!!!) Good time overall!

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