Tuesday, August 05, 2003

James Robertson
I've been reading Mr. Robertson's blog for a few days now and it's great to see he's as witty as ever. We butted heads a lot when I was at ParcPlace, but I always an intense respect for him. Anyway, check out his blog at here. It's clearly pro-Smalltalk and lots of anticedotes for the {} crowd. I think Mr. Robertson always felt I was on the Java side of the fence when I was ParcPlace, but I just felt ParcPlace should have fought Java harder and match it on features and marketing. Anyway, I love his enthusiasm and it's inspired me to try to take a more active role in the things that I like. Strangely, it's been reading his blog that has grown my interest in Python again. I still would pick Ruby if given the choice of Perl, Python, or Ruby. But, maybe that's because Ruby is like Smalltalk without the environment. Anyway, I got to go back to the java mines.

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