Monday, July 28, 2003

Things that make me smile
So, I was driving in the car this morning and thought about the things that make me smile. I was smiling from ear to ear on my way to work and I caught myself. Why was I smiling? And then, I remembered and it made me giggle. Yes, I am crazy, but that's besides the point! Here's the stuff that makes me smile:
  • My wife's sleepy glowing face in the morning (she has a slight smile and she looks so CUTE!).

  • My dog sleeping (I see a theme here....hmmm....).

  • The thought of being at my goal weight.

  • Happy vacation memories.

  • Figuring out some problem that had been plagueing me.

  • Thinking of programming in Smalltalk and Lisp.

  • Monkeys...Any monkeys...

  • Listening to an album that I love.

  • Hearing a riff for the first time and I go "MY GOD....I GOTTA LEARN THAT!"

  • Talking with good friends.

  • I thought I'd list off ten. So, what makes you smile?

    now playing: Grand Magus-"Grand Magus" (Rock done the right way!)

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