Monday, July 14, 2003

I think I might have found THE synth! I've been wanting one of these things for awhile and I finally got one! I was somewhat at first to get one because of the mixed reviews (hard to program, no support, etc), but the sounds that I had heard had me hooked. Anyway, nothing prepared me for what was in store when I fired this puppy up the first time! OH MY GOD! This thing is simply amazing. The sounds are incredible. I was jamming to several of the presets in no time when my jaw was not resting on my keyboard...=) I can't wait to start programming this little beast! I was pouring over the manual and it is very skimpy, but that's the fun of a new synth is break it to make it do what you want. I love all of the human-like synth voices this guy has already and that make it all worth it. The coolest thing is that this synth has no samples in it (if you listen to a lot of the presets, you will swear that a ROMpler is underneath, but nope it's pure FM goodness!). Now, if I could get some time off from work (12 hour days leaves little time to synth out).

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