Monday, July 14, 2003

Being Positive
It seems it is overtime again here at work. And the one thing that I find the most difficult is simply staying positive. You might ask me, "Blaine why do you want to stay positive during overtime?" It's a mental state that I like being at and I hate feeling negative and run down. Being positive lifts your spirits and lets you soar while you have people trying to weigh you down with albatrosses. It's also distressing when you look around and there's nothing but "soul crushers" around you that would love to see you fail. So, to weather these trying times, I try to keep a positive attitude. It's hard and I fail a lot, but it's lofty goal worth obtaining. When I'm feeling positive, I'm more productive and sure of myself. So, what do I do to keep my spirits up? Simple: Funk music and my wife. She knows how to put the right spin on things when I'm feeling down. And well, funk music is all very positive and has a great outlook on life despite obstacles in your way (my faves are Graham Central Station and Parliament in case you're wondering). And one more thing before I end this blog, positiveness spills over to other people. I for one would rather cheer people on than put them down. I want to bring everyone up and I think if everyone did this instead of being "grouchy" or "putting down someone else" then this earth would be a lot better to work and play in...So, think funky...=)

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