Monday, May 12, 2003

Last night, I finally finished my Java Class Loader that I'm writing in Squeak. So far, I can read in Java Serialized Files (no write yet, still more refactoring to do) and now, I can read in classes! Pretty exciting. The next step is to get Java code running in Squeak. I think I'm going to try to write Java bytecode to Squeak translator. I'm hoping it will give me a lot of insights into both VMs. At the very least, it will make my kung fu better in both languages.

I did a lot of refactoring while writing this code, so I need to make sure the serialization part still works. I recently used the old code posted on my web site to read in a java serialization stream that Java couldn't handle because of a version mismatch somewhere (shocker). Squeak had no problem and hell, we even used it on the other serialization streams so we could see what was going on in our Java code. Yep folks, we used Squeak to debug our Java programs...

AND I started a new song tonight. I'm starting it off with a really fast funky guitar line complete with wah-wah and then putting in a full-on metal sample in the back. So far, it's pretty groovin'...Just need to add the drums and all the other stuff now! I'm hoping to play with some poly rhythmic stuff on this one and get into a lot of synth textures....I'm sure the audity is up to the task...=)

I'm currently reading "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs" FINALLY! I'm hoping this will give me even more insights into the Scheme side of the LISP house. I got into LISP earlier this year and LISP is a lot of love...

I'm listening to a lot of southern rock. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackfoot, and Molly Hatchet all kick a lot of booty! I think the southern man that I've been trying to repress all of my life is finally coming out! It's cool as long as I don't start listening to country.

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